Flight/ Withdrawal (SNS)

Flight/ Withdrawal (SNS)

Balance Type
Social Nervous System
Balance information
Balance for
Associated Channel
Which Seven Emotions
will and wisdom (innate knowing)
reverence and connection with spirit, and detaching from the mundane world Righteousness – divine justice rather than personal judgment
knowing right action – propriety and clarity Propriety (right time, place, things) In tune with rhythm of life

Flight/ Withdrawal (SNS)

Useful for clients with phobias, panic disorders, avoidance behaviour.

Activate and P/L:

  • Moro withdrawal: breathe in and extend legs and arms, imagine running away
  • Play act running away
  • Discuss and activate any phobias, panic disorders or avoidance behaviours
  • Eyes open and closed, in the dark
  • Flight emotion points: Ki4, Ki2, Ki13
  • Fear amygdala emotions: Ki4, Ht8, GB9, Lv1
  • Reticular Activating System (brain stem Gv16+coma points Gv26, Ht9, SI1, Pc9)
  • Muscles of movement – gaits, pelvic and flexor arm muscles
  • Hypothalamus Gv25 Adrenals: CL, muscles, Ki A/P
  • Thyroid: LI18, CV23, muscles
  • Heart rate: Pc6, Ht muscle
  • Blood pressure: Gv20, Bl17, St40
  • Immune system: Bl11, Bl12, LI4 Digestion: St & Sp A/Ps, St36, St40
  • Breathing: Lu9, diaphragm and lung muscles
  • Rub (to activate) all amygdala points
  • CH combinations of Ki4 and other amygdala points
  • Activate SocNS: jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, relax heart rate on out breath
  • Challenge water or metal (disconnection) or fire (submission) beliefs
  • Age recess to find key causal event

Clear SocNS:

  • Jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, neck muscles, eye muscles, scalp
  • Harmonic technique on neck ESD fear balance
  • Progressive muscle relaxation with focussing or felt sense

Clear Bl9 and/or Bl10 and/or Gv16 against:

  • Vaccines, viruses, bacteria
  • Check/clear amygdaloid emotion points
  • DCC on Bl or Ki and/or VRP
  • Check against stuck in fear points
    • Ki4, Ki10, Lu7, Lu8, LI6, LI1, Bl58, and Bl66
  • Check/clear senses points (GB44, GB11, Bl8)
  • Check/clear eye modes - Gv16 – 100% access
  • Bl9 – 100% access
  • Bl10 – 100% access
  • GB20 – 100% access
  • St8+Gv24 – 100% access
  • Gv20+Gv16 – 100% access
  • Bl62 – 100% access
  • Ki6 – 100% access - Ht7 – 100% access
  • Gv17 – 100% access (heart/brain)
  • Check points related to likely active sense/s
    • vision: Bl1+St1+GB1
    • hearing: SI19+SJ21+GB2
    • smell: LI20+Bl10+Gv25
    • taste: SI5
    • touch: check A/Ps, find cutaneous region/s, stimulate, DI clear
  • Check spirit points (particularly Bl and Ki)
  • CH: Pelvic reflexes