Destiny (Gate of Destiny)

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return to authentic self avoid habitual behaviour burn off limiting beliefs
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Gate of Destiny


This point brings us in touch with our real nature. It helps us to be able to fully express our authentic self and avoid habitual behaviours. To live your destiny you need to nourish your original nature within and accept heaven without. This results in the alignment of human will with heavens will. It helps to stoke the fire in the core of our being, the dantian, to burn off limiting beliefs and behaviours that prevent us from living our destiny.

Gv4 is a point where both the inherited and acquired constitution mix, and the spirit and potential mix (Shen and Jing). [see also Bl1, Cv4, Cv6]

Visualise: Focus your awareness on the point on your back that I am holding. This point provides a doorway to a bare room containing a table and a giant mixing pot. As you walk to the pot you see beside the pot two large buttons. One button adds the ingredient to the pot that is required for us to make the most of our potential and manifest our destiny. This ingredient allows us to see how our inner vision of our life path fits into the world outside, into the greater plan of heaven/God/ or external spirit. Push the button when you are ready to add the ingredient and watch as a container of water appears and a beam of light comes in through the ceiling infusing the water with pure energy. Pour the water into the pot. The second button provides heat. Heat is required to burn off all the limitations we place in the way of putting ourselves first and following our heart. Press the button when you are ready and watch as a fire forms below the pot to heat the pot. Throw in all the beliefs and feelings that hold you back and feel them evaporate in the fire. Once the mixture is hot, go over and drink from the pot and feel the liquid invigorate every cell of your body. You are now ready to fulfil your potential.