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Emotionscare for selfprotect integritystand up for our truth
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 2nd monthMoxibustionAfter 1st monthDermal Hammer
Associated Channel
Which 5 Element Emotion
true intent Integrity – intention and sincerity Reciprocity – interdependence
Mode Category


St18 Ru Geng – The root of nourishment and care/ root of the breasts

Location: one rib directly below the nipple in the 5th intercostal space.

The characters of this point relate to little swallows protecting and caring for their young and looking around and defending oneself. The point helps us care for ourselves. Sometimes it is important to stand firm and assert our truth. This may be to protect our integrity and to stand up for our truth. By doing this we are ultimately nourishing and caring for ourselves.

St17 Ru Zhong – The centre of the mothers breast

Location: middle of the nipple (do not needle).

The character Ru of this point relate to little swallows protecting and caring for their young. The character for Zhong is of a arrow that flies true and straight and hits the target.

Together these characters symbolise the centre of nourishment, protection and care. This point is in the middle of the nipple. It can help to promote a balanced approach to care and nurture in your life. It is used for people that are overly needy and have dysfunctional relationships with their mother as well as people that are overly giving and find it hard to receive.