Brave and Bold

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Emotionsenable growth and changecourage and vitality
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Forbidden in Pregnancy?
Which 5 Element Emotion
Benevolence – allowing unrestrained evolutionary journey of all things from earth toward heaven. Empowering self and others not overpowering or giving in.
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GB43 Xia Xi - A generous bold valiant stream

Location: proximal to the margin of the web between the fourth and fifth toes.

This point infuses wood with the strength and vitality of water. The characters of the point relate to a brave man rescuing two other men and a mountain stream. Together they are symbolic of a bold and valiant stream that bravely continues its journey towards the sea, headless of obstacles that it encounters. The point brings energy and vitality that enables growth and change. This point instils courage and vitality enabling you to boldly change and grow.