Bl62 Shen Mai – Extending the body/ extending vessel

Balance Type
Yang Qiao Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
inner nature express true self move forward ease
Forbidden in Pregnancy?
After 5th monthMoxibustion
Channel Psych
attract energy of earth to top of the body moving with agility and grace ease and grace important for walking and gates lateral aspect of the leg and torso balance of yin and yang distribution of wei qi (defensive qi) extroverted side how we stand up to the world helps us respond to external stimuli resolves phlegm misting the mind manic behaviour or paranoia constant rebellion very judgemental cannot stop doing

Bl62 Shen Mai – Extending the body/ extending vessel

Location: in the depression below the external malleolus.

The characters of this point relate to extending the body upwards with ease for the benefit of the whole body. It also can relate to distributing benevolence. It is the master point of the Yang Qiao Mai vessel that provides a basis for movement of the limbs and our ability to walk forward in life.

In a sense it is at this point that our yang accepts our yin, we are aware of our inner nature and begin to express this in the world.

Imagine: moving fluently in life expressing your heart in all that you do.